About Lea Roberts

Lea Roberts is considered to be one of only a handful of comedians that can glide effortlessly from “mainstream” to “alternative” environments. This is owed to his style of comedy, which is based on traditional Northern humour with a more modern approach. His unique act appeals to all demographics, from younger to older audiences, showing off his true versatility in the world of comedy.

Lea has a background in sports, having played professional rugby league in his formative years. This makes him an obvious and very popular choice for a variety of sports functions, which has also led to him being a well-known face on the after dinner circuit around the country.

Know more about Lea Roberts

His personality immediately stands out from the first moment you meet him as he’s a friendly and genuinely likable person. This allows him to be thrown into any situation with ease and immediately be the focus of the room. When you combine this with in-depth knowledge of most popular sports, the conversation flows fantastically.

Lea has been able to use his talents to excel his career beyond that of many of his contemporaries and earned gigs alongside famous names like Mike Tyson, Ricky Hatton, Shane Warne and many others. He has also spent a lot of time on cruise liners, holiday companies and the ex-pat market, performing for some of the most prominent company’s ships and hotels in Mainland Europe and even as far as Dubai.